2019/2020 Competition Winners

A massive well done to all of our Competition Winners and Runners-Up during our Winter 2019 and Summer 2020 Competition Calendar.

As always, our Winner and Runners-Up will receive vouchers as their prizes for these achievements.
The vouchers will be Love2Shop vouchers and details on where to spend these vouchers can be found here – https://www.highstreetvouchers.com/gift/where-to-spend-love2shop-vouchers

All of our winners are listed below:

John Russell
Winner – Medal Finale
Runner-Up – Ingleby Salver, Teal Trophy

Sean Seaman
Winner – IBIS Trophy
Runner-Up – Men’s Winter League, Stableford Finale

Andy Coe
Winner – Mixed Winter Pairs, Myton Trophy

Lesley Douglas
Winner – Ingleby Salver, Stableford Finale

Liz Musto
Winner – Ladies Senior’s Cup
Runner Up – Barwick Bowl

Mark Wright
Runner Up – Mixed Winter Pairs, Men’s Seniors Cup

Richard Lofthouse
Runner Up – IBIS Trophy, Myton Trophy

Barbera Hillier
Winner – Mixed Winter Singles

Brian Cohen
Winner – Chairman’s Cup

Ed Stefaniuk
Winner – Mixed Winter Pairs

Jim McCollow
Winner – Men’s Seniors Cup

Joanne Lambert
Winner – Barwick Bowl

Lesley Stokes
Winner – Ladies Winter Eclectic

Norman Mickle
Winner – Teal Trophy

Phil Stokes
Winner – Men’s Winter League

Vicky Lambert
Winner – Ingleby Sheild

Dave Collett
Runner Up – Mixed Winter Pairs

David McGowan
Runner Up – Medal Finale

John Newell
Runner Up – Chairman’s Cup

Ken Lynd
Runner Up – Mixed Winter Singles

Linda Hicks
Runner Up – Ingleby Shield

Sue Faulkner
Runner Up – Ladies Winter Eclectic

Viv May
Runner Up – Ladies Senior’s Cup

* Ladies Autumn League yet to be completed.  Prizes to be issued after completion of the event.

Please Note: Due to the current pandemic, all winners will be contacted directly about how they wish to receive their vouchers as no Presentation Evening will take place.

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