Month: March 2020

Covid-19/Coronavirus Update

Update – Monday 23th March 2020:
The Course is now Closed for the foreseeable future to the public and members.  Paul and his team are still working hard to keep the course in a playable condition for when the current situation changes.

As I am sure you are all aware, the current outbreak of Coronavirus is something which we all need to think not only around the gold course but in our personal lives as well.  Based on all of the information available, the advice provided by England Golf and Durham Union the below is something which will be enforced during all competitions.  Please be aware that on behalf of all of the IBGA Officers we would advise that this advice is also followed for any social games as well.

If you or any member of your family which you have direct contact with are showing ANY published signs of Covid-19 (Fever and/or Dry Cough) then please self-isolate and do not attend IBGA.

  1. Changes to Competitions (in effect until further written notice from the Competition Secretary):
    All Scorecards will be prepared by the Competition Secretary (not showing symptoms) and, with entry payment sheet will hand these to the shop the day before the competition.
  2. Players to pay monies and collect scorecards from the shop on the day of the competition in pairs (or threes) and collect ONLY the card you will be marking (not your card).
  3. During play, flagsticks to remain in the hole during all play including putting to reduce contact points. Handshakes will not be permitted after your round with a verbal pleasantry recommended.  No contact with any other players golf balls.  Where possible at least 2 meters should be maintained between players.
  4. At the end of the round, scorecard to completed by marker ONLY and verbally agreed as correct with the player who the card belongs to; once agreed the player the card belongs to should sign the card (without physical contact with the card). The marker should then take a photograph of the scorecard for future reference if required (this can be emailed to the Competition Secretary at any time).  The scorecard can be destroyed by the marker at any time after the results have been communicated to all entrants by the Competition Secretary.
  5. On competitions with a pre-arranged start time only (not Tuesday events) a nominated official will record all score on completion of the 9/18th hole on a prior prepared results sheet for competition result analysis.

For any entrants playing a competition on a non-block booked tee time (the assigned tee times from the Competition Secretary), there will be no nominated official to record your score.  Please ensure that the scorecards are completed as number 4 above and the Competition Secretary should be emailed a picture of the scorecard (by the marker) before 9am on the day after the event.

For any members using the Bistro, please ensure that your follow any guidelines shown inside.

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