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    Sean Seaman

    A lot of confusion always ensues after conversions occur around why have IBGA Officers, what do they do, and who are the Morgans!

    Ingleby Barwick Golf Academy is run very differently to other local golf courses as it is privately owned land with a golf course located on it.

    Please read below for details on how Ingleby Barwick Golf Academy is ran.

    The Owners
    Ingleby Barwick Golf Academy, including the golf course, driving range and all associated premises is owned and controlled by the Morgan family.
    The most visible members of the Morgan family who members will have occasional contact with are Amy and Charlotte. This will mainly be around the time renewals are required. All decisions on the use of the land, openings hours, course restrictions, cost of renewals/membership and anything else where a change in the use of the land (i.e competition date/time, social events, and new facilities) have to be approved by the Morgan family.

    The Greenkeepers

    The greenskeepers are headed by Paul Upton as the Course Manager, and all report to the Morgan Family. All maintenance (scheduled or ad-hoc) again must be approved by the Morgan family if this maintenance will impact of the condition or availability of the course. If you ever meet any of the greenkeeping team, please bear this in mind as what they want to do, or what needs to be done may not have been approved, be awaiting approval of has been rejected.

    The IBGA Officers
    The IBGA Officers are normally made up of the Club Captain, the Handicap Secretaries and the Treasurer. These roles are 100% voluntary, and unpaid but are critical to the running of the Membership Functions. Without the IBGA Officers, there would be no handicaps, no competitions, no charity work and no formal accounting of Membership funds. In addition to this, the IBGA Officers must communicate with the Morgan family on a regular basis to ensure the smooth running of these Membership Functions.

    Without all of these people carrying out their roles IBGA would not be able to continue with the membership.

    Although the IBGA Officers have regular communication with the owners and greenkeeping staff, they are not always ‘in the loop’ on decisions made.

    If any members would like something clarifying, something to be changed, or concerns raised it is recommended that this is done through on of the IBGA Officials – unless it directly relates to your payment of your Subs (not the £20 Levy payment).

    This discussion will remain locked and updated as necessary.

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