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Welcome from Sean Seaman, IBGA Club Captain 2022

Thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to captain IBGA back to what we can only hope is normal operations in the coming year.
Firstly, I would like to thank Gary Warrior, not only for his fantastic Captaincy of the club over the previous 3 years, but also the great support offered to me already. I would also like to thank and welcome Dave Morgan, who will be my Vice Captain this year. Dave brings a wealth of experience of running golf societies and we are looking forward to doing all we can for the members this year.
As Captain of the club the first thing which was implemented was a scheduled update from the owners and the green staff. I would like to thank Amy Morgan and Paul Upton for their support already and willingness to improve the levels of communication with the members through myself, and the other Officers of the club.
As you are all aware, one of the most important parts of the Captaincy is the Charitable work carried out. I can confirm that the local charity Leo’s Neonatal, will be the charity we will be working with throughout the year. Leo’s are very happy to work with us which should mean we can do IGBA proud by working together.
Throughout the 2021 season, the level of participation in the organised and scheduled competitions was fantastic, and I would encourage all members who are willing to participate continue this trend into 2022. If any members (new or old) would like help with anything, including introductions with other members, help with Handicaps or even social golf then please feel free to contact me directly and we can all work together to make IBGA a fantastic social golfing club

Kind Regards and Stay Safe,
Sean Seaman, Club Captain 2022

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