Summer Singles Mixed Competition Rules

Ingleby Barwick Golf Academy Summer Singles Mixed Competition 

This is a knockout competition, played over the front 9 holes. 

Match play 9 holes, playing handicaps are full course handicap difference. Using course handicap tables for Men’s White front 9 & Ladies Red front 9 tables.

If all square after 9 holes then play on until a winner emerges via play off holes. Play off holes are played in order starting back at the first. Handicap allowance starts again.

Please arrange your own matches and tee times.

Each round should be finished before the dates given on the start sheets (unless circumstances change).  If you are in a position to play earlier due to the draw or opponents availability, then please do so.

Please email or text any results to us as soon as possible. 

In the event of a game not being played by the round deadline a decision will be taken after reviewal of the circumstances by the Competition Committee, this decision will be final.

Please respect any decisions taken when necessary.

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