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    Sean Seaman

    The closing date for this years singles knockout competition will be Friday 21st May @ 12:00 and the draw will be completed shortly afterwards.
    All details will be sent out with the draw.

    Entrants so far

    D Willox, P Stokes, T Allen, J Russell, M Wright, P Simpkins, A Chadwick, K Lynd, B Settle, J Pym, P Musgrave
    E Stefaniuk, D Allday, P Allday, C Shutt, L Stokes, M Saxton, D Steer, S Keogh.

    If anyone else wishes to enter please let me know, entry fee £4


    Phil Stokes

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 1 month ago by Sean Seaman.
    Sean Seaman

    Games to be played before EOF 27th June 2021:
    Steven Keogh v Bye = Steven Keogh
    Lesley Stokes v John Pym
    Christine Schutt v Graham Hiller
    David Allday v George Wilkinson
    Paul Musgrave v Kenneth Lynd
    Grant Lake v Sean Seaman
    Chris Martin v Ed Stefaniuk
    Pauline Allday v Michael Atkinson
    Ally Chadwick v Peter Gibson
    Brian Settle v Paul Saysell
    Martyn Saxton v Gary Warrior
    Mark Wright v John Russell
    David Willox v Paul Mosley
    Phillip Stokes v David Morgan
    Gary Beddard v Dan Steer
    Peter Simpkins v Ted Allen

    Please pay your £4 entry fee before you play your 1st match, preferably online to
    or in the shop in cash.
    Matches can be played anytime before the dates shown, contact your opponent to arrange your match, don’t wait for your opponent to contact you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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